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17345  W. Capitol Drive 

Studio #13  
Brookfield, WI  53045

Beginning September 1st, 2019

my NEW home will be in

Sola Salon Studios

on the SW corner of

Capitol & Calhoun.


Monday 11-7
Tuesday 9-4

Friday 9-3
Saturday 9-2

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 INCLUDE Olaplex, an Anti-Oxidant Shot, Gloss, Haircut and Blow Dry

(If you are not in need of a haircut at your appointment, $20 will be deducted from price.


The integrity of your hair is my priority and will be reflected by treating your hair with respect and care.  Strong, healthy hair produces color with brilliant shine and minimal to no fading.
Additional product needs will be reflected in a nominal price increase.

New Client Consultation

New client consultations are highly encouraged and always complimentary.   This 15 minute appointment will ensure adequate booking time as every service is customized to your thoughts, goals and expectations.   New color clients are strongly encouraged to have a Detox C treatment done.  ($25) (Some services do require this pretreatment.) This removes all impurities from you hair resulting in the best color possible.  If you've ever had color that tingles or burns on your head, chances are you have a significant buildup of copper, chlorine, meds, etc.  As a New Client  at your first scheduled color, cut or combination appointment, enjoy a complimentary customized deep conditioning treatment with a fullsize take home treatment.  Welcome!!





Premium Head Shape Matters Haircutting

Head Shape Matters Analysis   $45

Head Shape Matters hair cutting is bespoke, or custom, hair cutting specifically tailored to the shape of your head.  If you've struggled with flat spots, hair that won't lay right, if you have very fine hair (I hear ya!) or thick or curly hair, a Head Shape Matters Analysis is the place to start.  This one time Analysis appointment is your initial 'fitting' where I will observe the density, texture, growth patterns, hairline changes unique to you and your hair.  I will measure your scalp, record this information and create a pattern of your scalp for a haircut tailored to your head that will fit you like a custom suit or dress.

Please come in to your Head Shape Analysis with the way you style your hair

and with minimum product so I can see your hair's strengths and weaknesses.

Head Shape Matters Haircut and blow dry  $52

Every Head Shape Matters Haircut includes a thorough consultation and both wet and dry cut.

Traditional Haircutting ~ Hairstyling

I believe everyone should benefit from Head Shape Matters.  Therefore, every Traditional Haircut I do is influenced by and includes elements from my Head Shape Matters training.  However, it's impossible to create and document a true and full Head Shape Matters Analysis  & Cut without the additional time needed as stated above.

Women's Haircut and blow dry  $45

add on full head iron styling to above haircut +$7

Men's cut  $30

Formal Styling $65+   

High school and college students:  20% off chemical services

Dimensional Coloring

(All color services include Haircut and Blowdry.)

Balayage and Balay-color Highlighting

Balayage is custom free-hand painting.  Beautiful sun kissed highlights to bolder highlights all without harsh grow out lines.  Balayage has been around for a while but is definitely here to stay.  Every Balayage service includes an anti-oxidation treatment and Olaplex.  A Gloss is included with Balayage for perfect tone.

Full Balayage                                                                    $160+

Crown, Part line, Front Hairline and Interior

Partial Balayage                                                               $145+

Crown, Part line, Front Hairline

Mini Balayage                                                                   $130+

Part line, Front Hairline

Add root color touch up to Balayage                              $50

Foil Highlighting

Highlights. Lowlights.  Slices. Fine weave Baby lights to Panels of color.  Foils never go out of style.

Full Highlights                                               $145

Crown, Part line, Front and Back Hairline

Partial Highlights (15-20 foils)                   $120

Crown, Part line, Front Hairline

Mini Highlights (8-10 foils)                         $105

Part line, Front Hairline

Add root color touch up to Foil Highlighting   +$50



        Signature Balay-color                                           $165+

Full head solid color with balayage highlights.  Gives beautiful multiple tones giving gorgeous dimension.                                

Base Color

*all highlighting done with powder lightener (bleach)  will include an anti-oxidant treatment and Olaplex  +$10

The Ultimate Color Experience!               150+

Subtle color change or drastic change. Gray blending or cover the gray. 

Please understand long and/or thick hair requires more product and will be 

priced accordingly.

Virgin Color                                                                        $105+

Root Retouch                                                                     $95+

T-Top* ( does not include gloss or haircut)                   $43

(*part line/hairline touch-up/blow dry once within 4-6 week root retouch)

Spa day for your hair!  Prepare your hair for your color service by removing minerals, salts, buildup and other elements so nothing blocks this beautiful long-lasting silk and keratin-based award winning premium hair color. This service includes Olaplex which rebuilds hair, mitigates damage and keeps hair as strong as possible. After your color is completed, you'll have a personalized deep conditioning treatment, haircut and blow dry. 

Starting at $150-dependent on length/thickness of hair and services chosen

Strengthen your hair and protect your color with customized

Hair Treatments and Deep Conditioning below.

Olaplex Color Treatments are completely customizable to your hair. Olaplex is like none other.  It rebuilds bonds that are broken from heat styling, hair damaged from too harsh chemical services, strengthening all hair types.   Olaplex will protect your hair, keeping it strong resulting in richer color. Olaplex never washes out making it the best investment for your hair. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                            from $15                                                                                                                                                         

Detox C Treatment is a gentle but very effective heat process that removes minerals, deposits, chlorine and buildup from hair leaving hair full, soft, and shiny!  Great for the blonde hair, swimmers and if you have hard water OR a softener.  A customized deep conditioning treatment with a relaxing scalp massage is include.  If you're not sure what your hair needs, start here!  This treatment prior to chemical services will give superior results as any barrier is removed resulting in more brilliant highlights, better gray coverage and longer lasting color.  Recommended for all new clients. Detox is recommended 3-4x a year. It's not always what you put on your hair that counts, but what you should take out of it first.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


 Signature  Detox C and customized Olaplex intensive healing followed by a rejuvenating moisturizing and strengthening treatment.    *INCLUDES full size take home Olaplex treatment!*


The Platinum includes a Mini Olaplex treatment, deep conditioning treatment and relaxing scalp massage.                   


Reflection deep conditioning is a treatment of amino acids and lavender and orange essential oils for shiny, silky hair.  Includes a relaxing scalp massage.    *INCLUDES full size take home treatment!*                                   

Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatment.  Customized treatment that seals, protects, cuts downs on blow dry time,              reduces frizz and curl. Great for all types of hair.  *INCLUDES full size take home Shampoo and Conditioner!*                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Starts at $150                                                                                           


Treatments and Deep Conditioning