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Beginning September 1st, 2019

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"Isn't a haircut just a haircut?" Well...
"Isn't a dress or a pair of jeans off the rack   
the same as one that is tailored?" 

Head Shape Matter™ hair cutting is bespoke, or custom tailored, hair cutting specifically altered to the unique shape of your head. If you've struggled with flat spots, hair that won't lay right, if you have very fine hair that always looks wimpy or thick or curly hair that seems to take over, a Head Shape Matters Analysis is the place to start.

Your Head Shape Matters Analysis starts with a very thorough consultation covering issues you have consistently dealt with.  I will observe the density, texture, growth patterns, hairline changes unique to you and your hair. I will measure your scalp and determine the shape of each plane of your scalp inch by inch and record this information. 


Essentially, a pattern is created for every inch of your scalp.  Your Head Shape Matters Haircut is created to give a haircut tailored to your head that will fit you like a custom suit or jeans. 

When a pair of jeans is tailored to YOUR individual shape, they will always look good after they are washed and dried.  Just like a Head Shape Matters haircut that is tailored to the unique  shape of your head, it will always look good after it's washed and dried.  

There are two ways to book for Head Shape Matters:

1.  The Analysis can be done first then schedule the Head Shape Matters Haircut to be done at a later date

~ OR ~

2. The Head Shape Matters Analysis can be booked with the Head Shape Matters Haircut immediately following.   Be advised that the two appointments together will be 90 minutes or so.

Head Shape Matters Analysis   $45

Please come in with the way you style your hair and with minimum product

so I can see your hair's strengths and weaknesses.

Head Shape Matters Haircut     $52

At each Head Shape Matters Haircut, we will either recreate your current style or formulate for a new style.  All formulations are kept on file so we can consistently recreate your desired style.  Head Shape Matters Haircuts are cut both wet and dry in each appointment and you will always enjoy a shampoo and style.  Always come in with your hair down, the way it naturally falls.  If you enjoy your winters in the warmer states, there may be someone who is also certified in HSM near where you are that I can share your "formula" with to recreate your HSM cut!